Friday, April 29, 2005

How Bad Can It Get? Cue The Rev. Al

Well, boy and girls in today's Tribune article TBR finally reveals to us why he is so angry so much of his life. He devotes four whole paragraphs of his article telling us how his first grade experience warped his entire existence. It seems that Sister Mary Dahmer (no doubt Jeffery’s sister also) at the St. Sebastians intimidated him so much that the experience carried over to the fifth grade--which he flunked. Folks, the nuns paddled his widdle butt. Imagine what a military boot camp would have done to this guy! Such a man!!

Folks doesn't this guy remind you of the fat guy in the Capital One TV advertisement wearing the yellow shirt? He shrieks and runs when he thinks he is going to get his butt whipped? Ole TBR just hides in his cubicle down at the Trib and flails away with his word processor. I'll bet he even wears yellow shirts to work.

In his article TBR even takes on the Rev. Al Sharpton. Now ole Rev. Al is a true soul mate of TBR in philosophy. But today TBR was a little more angry than usual and he just struck out at the first person that came to mind. He will probably apologize to Rev. Al privately.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Who Was The Real Threat To The Town?

In today's (April 27, 2005) Tampa Tribune column TBR starts his column by saying, "For starters, let's get all of the yahooesque demagoguery out of the way." This is TBR's way of saying that anyone that has a opinion about any situation that differs from his own is a "yahoo".

TBR describes a situation where a convicted child molester in Marion County, Florida named Clovis Claxton, (who really wasn't all that bad) killed himself after being hounded by Marion County Commissioner Randy Harris. TBR then states that Commissioner Harris is a bigger risk to the community than the molester Claxton could ever be.

He goes on to describe the people of Marion County Florida as being "a frothing lynch mob".

Now folks, if you ever wandered what the word "demagoguery" means just check out TBR's writing style. It's just another example of the underlying spite in his nature. A "frothing lynch mob" indeed!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

His Kid is Flying Airplanes

On Saturday April 16th during TBR's goofy radio talk-show program on WFLA he was ranting to one of his nine listeners. The caller was trying to state his view about how personal saving accounts in Social Security could be a good thing. TBR flew into a rage and told the caller that he had a twenty-two year old son that was an airline pilot. He went on to say that his son wouldn't have the faintest idea as to how to manage a private account. I think he was trying to say his son wasn't too smart. Folks, this kid is flying people around in airplanes. You better check out who is doing the steering before you get on your next flight.