Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Who Was The Real Threat To The Town?

In today's (April 27, 2005) Tampa Tribune column TBR starts his column by saying, "For starters, let's get all of the yahooesque demagoguery out of the way." This is TBR's way of saying that anyone that has a opinion about any situation that differs from his own is a "yahoo".

TBR describes a situation where a convicted child molester in Marion County, Florida named Clovis Claxton, (who really wasn't all that bad) killed himself after being hounded by Marion County Commissioner Randy Harris. TBR then states that Commissioner Harris is a bigger risk to the community than the molester Claxton could ever be.

He goes on to describe the people of Marion County Florida as being "a frothing lynch mob".

Now folks, if you ever wandered what the word "demagoguery" means just check out TBR's writing style. It's just another example of the underlying spite in his nature. A "frothing lynch mob" indeed!


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