Monday, May 02, 2005

Laying Down One's Life For Porky Pig (May 2, 2005)

In today’s column TBR exposes to us what he, and all socialist/liberals, think of the rest of us. In his column he makes the statement, “All this folderol over the constitution could have been avoided if: A) the Florida Legislature did its job and/or B) the public wasn’t more gullible than a Muppet.”

There you have it. If the public agrees with them they (the public) are wise and insightful. If, however, they don’t agree with them they are “….more gullible than a Muppet”. This statement goes to the heart of what Socialism/Liberalism is all about. They truly believe that the common man is too stupid to govern himself through democracy and free enterprise. Only socialism with its elite ruling class is capable of governing. Only they have access to morality with its changing tides.

This is why TBR stays in a constant snit. He constantly calls those who disagree with his point-of-view names of disparagement. He calls it a “style of writing”. He even refers to himself as the “Mahatma of Metaphors”. But folks, it’s nothing more than cowardice in its purest form. He hides in his cubicle and flails away at his word processor. Now I know ole TBR won’t mind being called a coward. After all, it’s just a style of writing.


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