Friday, May 06, 2005

Why So Mad? She Didn’t Run Away From You (5/6/05)

In this column ole TBR is thumping the walls of his cubicle again. He takes on the runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks problem—and solves it.

In this column, speaking for Jennifer Wilbanks, he states, “I’m about to enter into a lifetime commitment with a nice guy maybe, but I don’t feel like waking up next to Jed Clampett for the next forty years.” TBR doesn’t think very much of the Jed Clampett or the Gomer Pyle types of the world. In his own words he thinks the rest of us are “,,,,(the public is) more gullible than a Muppet.” Aw, shucks, he doesn’t even think very much of his own twenty-two year old son’s brains. No matter that in the end Gomer and Jed always managed to outsmart fat guy types wearing yellow shirts.

You see folks, the Socialists/Liberals of the world like TBR view the rest of us as pretty much undeserving of our place on the planet. But, since we are here, we need them to show us the joys of cynicism and arrogance.

A few months back TBR had bypass surgery to correct years of oinking. The rumor is that he is writing a book that he will title “My Infallible Method For Avoiding Bypass Surgery”.


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