Tuesday, August 30, 2005

TBR Euphoria

No doubt ole TBR is in a state of self-rightous glory this morning. The damage done to the southern states by hurricane Katrina must have him really pumped up given his hatred of Southern people and the Southern culture.

Hurricane Katrina took her best shot at the South but old TBR has yet to take his best shot. But just be patient and have faith in the old chain smoking whopper gobbler (Now, now! I mean like in Burger King--not the other). He will reward us with his bile on several occasions in the future.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Letter to Tampa Tribune Aug. 19, 2005

Clausewitz of Skull and Bones, MacArthur of Arbusto, Wellington of Waco, Commander-In-Sleep Patton of Kennebunkport and Robert E. Lee of the Beltway. These are the phrases Daniel Ruth used to describe George W. Bush in his Tampa Tribune column of August 19, 2005.

In recent months Ruth has used similar, but more robust language, to rail against radio talk show hosts Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. All three of these men have highly successful radio programs that are broadcast nationwide. Meanwhile, Ruth has a radio talk show program on a local radio station on Saturday morning. His program has absolutely no ratings. There wouldn't be any professional envy involved in his disdain for his competition would there? Naaah!! Ruth is much too liberal and loving to be envious of successful people--or is he?

The Tribune (and Ruth) describes Ruth's harangues as merely a writing style. But it is obvious that it is much more than a writing style. It is a mask for a man who truly hates and despises those people that with whom he disagrees. His anger is manifested in print under the aegis of the Tampa Tribune.

Ruth clearly deals in hate and may be fomenting retribution in the minds of some of his more unstable readers and listeners. Sounds far-fetched? Well, people with high levels of frustration, such as Ruth, have been known to use drastic methods to bring harm to their imagined enemies! Responsibility for the acts of retribution on Ruth's imagined enemies performed by someone as a result of Ruth's vitriol will, also, accrue to the Tampa Tribune.

The Tribune might be well advised to consider psychiatric evaluation of Ruth who is clearly unstable and dangerous.