Sunday, September 25, 2005

Can You See Me Now? Good, Real Good

In this article TB Ruth reveals to us what he thinks of you if you happen to watch cable television or surf the Internet.

Cable Television:  TBR Quote.

That converter box was originally supposed to take the viewer into a brave new world of culture, information news on demand.
What has it become?
Once you get past the cheesy home shopping channels offering cubic zirconium gee-gaws and reruns of the “The Andy Griffith Show” and Larry King interviewing a “Baywatch” cast reunion, most of cable has been reduced to people talking dirty to naked people.   (Comment:  How would TBR know this if he doesn’t watch cable television?)

On the Internet:  TBR Quote.

     What has it become?
     One vast parallel universe of right-wing crazies, left wing crazies, Nazis, white supremacists, religious fanatics, paranoid bloggers, hustlers, hackers, real estate speculators, drug pushers, gambling come-ons and somebody trying to sell you a Rolex watch.
     Then there are the sex sites—teenager, grandmother, lonely housewives, gays, bisexuals, lonely Christian singles who still have needs, lasses named Julie looking for a buddy, and, of course, naked Paris Hilton videos.
     Can you really call this the Internet, or is it really one, all-encompassing cyber groping.   (Comment:  How would TBR know this if he doesn’t surf the internet?)

End of Quotes

Well, there you have it folks.  This is what TBR really thinks of the rest of us.  This guy would have us believe that he is a paragon of perfection while the rest of us are all of the above.  

This is the same guy that chain-smoked and whopper gobbled himself into by-pass surgery.  This is the same guy that has dealt in name-calling, slop-jar journalism down through the years.  This is the same guy that works for a newspaper that accepts advertisements from many of the detestable folks that TBR cites in his quotes above.  This is the same newspaper from which TBR draws a handsome salary to support his digs down on Rome Ave.

The facts of his own foibles do not concern this guy.   He is, after all, one of the anointed –as Dr. Thomas Sowell calls them.


At 9/25/2005 6:00 PM, Blogger fatwalker said...

You are so correct,dude. Those lefties are all full of crap.

At 9/25/2005 6:53 PM, Anonymous Boogie said...

Isn't it a hoot that TB Ruth regards bloggers as "paranoid" when he assaults nearly everyone's motives for being alive? I guess he thinks that since the Tribune has given him a cubicle to graze in that makes him the boss heifer. Hey, he's nothing more than a glorified blogger himself.

At 9/25/2005 7:06 PM, Anonymous Fan Man said...

Hey have any of you guys ever caught this guy's Saturday morning radio show? Man, what a gas bag! Rush Limbaugh hasn't got anything to worry about. The old Titty Baby really ought to do something about that goofy laugh of his.


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