Friday, September 23, 2005

Details Could Derail Norman's Edifice Complex (9/23/05)

Carnac of Hillsborough County
Criswell of Kennedy Boulevard
Jim Norman’s Field of Schemes
Amazing Kreskin of the County Center

These are some names that TBR used to describe Hillsborough County Florida commissioner Jim Norman.  I don’t follow Mr. Norman’s political activities all that closely but I know he has been elected several times by his low life constituents (in TBR’s opinion) so he apparently does some things that they like.

TBR goes on in his article to make this statement, “Ironically, one of Norman’s biggest boosters was none other than ultraconservative gadfly blowhard Ralph Hayes who collects politicians like so many charm bracelet trinkets.”   Did you catch that folks?  TBR actually called somebody else a blowhard.  Look at all the name calling he has done down through the years and then fancy him calling someone else a blowhard.  This yellow shirted cubicle denizen could open his own university and offer advanced degrees in the art of blowing.

This guy fancies himself to be a modern day Will Rogers.  But what he actually turns out to be is the Tribune’s alter ego hack that is a neurotic coward hiding out behind a word processor keyboard.


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