Friday, September 09, 2005

Handicapping Blame Game Point Spread 9/9/05

Well, folks, we’ve been waiting for this article and he finally came through.  I urge to read the Tribune screed from TBR today.  Nothing exemplifies the true nature of  this Tribune flounce.  In this article he hurls vindictive insult after vindictive insult at good people who are trying to deal with a monumental national disaster.  

Not once—no not even once--did he offer even the slightest suggestion as to how to best heal the wounded souls in the Katrina aftermath.  Did he get off his tubby posterior and go up and help?  Nah! That’s far beneath his view of his importance.  Besides, he can’t get that far away from his favorite Whopper palace.   Instead he sits in his cubicle down at the Mommy Trib munching on his Twinkies and mentally masturbating himself.   He does so by impugning the integrity of good people whose only fault is that they do not share his grand view of the universe.  This man has been invaded by a dark and empty soul.  It is beyond me how the Tampa Tribune continues to harbor his venom.  But, on the other hand, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised at all.  Do ya think!


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