Monday, September 12, 2005

TBR - The Man Who Never Met A Man (Or Lady) He Really Liked.

Interesting headline on TBR’s column this morning.  (Thank Gawd The Niceness Has Ended!!! 912/05)  Since he doesn’t believe in God he has to thank Gawd.  Why would he feel the necessity to thank himself in public?  He lambastes the Tampa City Council members and trashes the entire Hillsborough County Commission as being, “…more dysfunctional the cast of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’”

He wants to say some good things about Mayor Pam but just can’t bring himself to do so.  He says that Mayor Pam, “..has probably never given so much as a nano-second to contemplating the governor’s mansion.”  We’ll see about that one.   You can be sure that Mayor Pam  has given and is giving a lot of thought to the governor’s digs!!

Anyway this column was boring and was much ado about nothing.  But it did show us, once again, that TBR is a man who has never met a man (or woman) that he really liked.  No one knows this better than his family members.


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