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Tribune Hyprocrisy and Daniel Ruth

Below is my letter to the editor of the Tampa Tribune dated September 25, 2005. (Not likely to be published)

Ah, the self-righteous hypocrisy of the editorial staff of the Tampa Tribune--again. In the Saturday, September 24, 2005 edition the Tribune lectures its poor hapless readers with a list of six ways to “Saving Fuel”. Now mind you none of us could have ever reached the conclusion of the Tribune on our own that turning off a light when leaving a room could save fuel. But now that the Tribune quivering lips have enlightened us the light in our brains suddenly comes on. (Oops! We must turn that light off in our brains to save even more fuel!)

So where is the hypocrisy? Well in the same issue the Tribune published an article in the “At Home” section, replete with color photographs, an article titled “Legacy on the Lake”. This article extolled the palatial digs of Emilio Dominguez and Lowella Esperanza on Egypt Lake. Not one word was mentioned in this article of the editorial staff’s perceived excesses of a 6500 sq. ft. living area and the additional 3500 sq. ft. add-ons. How much energy and resources have been concentrated into just one home that houses just one family? Where was the Tribune’s indignation about those excesses that are so obvious in the article? Well, there was not one comment!

Does this mean that I take issue with the amount of money and resources that these people put into their home? Certainly not! It’s their money and they can spend it in the manner which they decide.

My issue is with a newspaper that would lecture the great unwashed to “limit unnecessary trips” and then publish an article about opulence—all in the same issue. For next week’s lecture is the Tribune going to publish a list of unnecessary trips so that we, the unconcerned and uncaring, will know the difference between necessary and unnecessary trips? Perhaps you can turn the task over to that lover of humanity hack Daniel Ruth which you employ as the Tribune’s alter ego!

I know that it may be a shocking revelation to the Tribune editorial staff to realize but your readers are not as uninformed and inept as you indicate in your “Saving Fuel” editorial.


At 9/17/2008 1:49 PM, Blogger tinny ray said...

Daniel Ruth, Elaine Silvestrini and the Tampa Tribune promote flag fetishism. They promote fetishism by covering up the history of the Pledge of Allegiance. In an article printed in September, Silvestrini mentioned both flag fetishism and swastika fetishism.

Recently, Ruth and Silvestrini were schooled by about the Pledge's past.

In an article about the web site Ruth and Silvestrini did not dispute the work of the noted historian Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets").

Ruth and Silvestrini's employer, the Tampa Tribune, is a so-called newspaper that has never published a historical photograph of the Pledge's early stiff-arm salute, nor printed an article about the Pledge's relationship to the salute of the National Socialist German Workers Party, its symbol and its rituals. Ruth and Silvestrini have also never informed her readers about the new discoveries concerning the Pledge's past.

If there has ever been an article about Francis Bellamy (author of the Pledge of Allegiance) in Silvestrini's newspaper it repeated the usual shallow propaganda common to most "news" outlets.

In that way, Ruth and Silvestrini and the Tampa Tribune perpetuate flag fetishism and verbally fellating flags by repeating tired cliches through reporters such as Silvestrini. They keep their readers ignorant. A video reveals more

Ruth and Silvestrini's writing is similar to robotic chanting in worship of the state. Her writing is robotic repetition of claptrap that is taught by the government and learned in government schools (socialist schools).

Think of the Tampa Tribune as a torture and terrorism conspiracy (as its readers think of it; both of them). That makes Elaine
Silvestrini a co-conspirator with Daniel Ruth, another Trib twit. After Ruth's previous loss to Dr. Curry, the response against Ruth from the
general public was so great that Ruth said he was labeled a "Dork, anti-free market statist $#@%!&@, Dummkopf, liberal, daffy, dolt,
stupid, dunce and, oh by the way, socialist."

Ruth's use of "socialist" is very telling in that Ruth continues to cover-up for the National Socialist German Workers Party and its deadly
dogma. Ruth has probably never written the actual name of the group "National Socialist German Workers Party" ever in the Tribune
(check it yourself). Ruth writes flippantly about torture. Good Grief, Lyndon LaRouche was not as delusional as Ruth is. For many years,
the loopy leprechaun (Ruth) has flittered about the fringes of political life in the Tampa Bay area as a sort of scary class clown, in the
"special" section, hoping that his kindergarten cracks will make his teachers give up and leave him alone. Ruth's insane clown posse act
is like something out of "Apocalypse Now" meets "A Clockwork Orange." He is the Rump-hole of the Insanely.

In that way, the Tampa Tribune promotes and perpetuates flag fetishism by repeating tired propaganda through reporters such as Ruth
and Silvestrini.

It is no wonder that their columns never state any qualifications they have to write articles about the topic (or any articles). Only their
phone numbers and email addresses were given with no biographical or background information (nor any link to such information). There
is a complete lack of disclosure of whether they have any licensing or educational acheivement that qualifies them to write on such a
topic, how they were selected, nor how much they were paid to write (It might embarrass them if they printed what they were
paid). They both learned to write in government schools on Planet Zircon 9. She is the Touch-hole of the Insanely. Compared to Dr. Curry's illustrious career, Silvestrini's name is longer than her career highlights. One suspects that Silvestrini's flatulence worsens every time she rubs her brain cells together. Both of them.

As a career move, they should not become lawyers. Their "journalism" might cause some people to wonder if they are competent even
to write about legal issues, or to write at all about anything. If they are considering a career change to law then here is a Memo to Daniel
Ruth and Elaine Silvestrini: Don't start packing your bags.

They submit to robotic chanting in worship of the state because it is so much like their writing: robotic repetition of claptrap that is learned
from the government and taught in government schools (socialist schools).

Silvestrini and Ruth remain unable or unwilling to state the simple issue: The Pledge of Allegiance (and its author) was the origin of the
salute of the National Socialist German Workers Party and influenced its symbols and rituals. They are deniers and historical revisionists.
Are all Tribune writers that dense or does intellectual dishonesty and a lack of integrity make them unwilling to provide simple accurate

On the other hand, Elaine Silvestrini has strange tastes in what she does write about. In a recent article, Silvestrini's interests were drawn
to "adults only" web pages about swastika and flag fetishism; On 7-3-07, Silvestrini wrote about a man who sells virtual sex toys,
including characters on screen that can be animated into a variety of sexual positions; Silvestrini has written repeatedly about what
Silvestrini calls a "high-profile drug, sex and torture case."

If you read newspapers for years then you will see all manner of ditzoid craziness that slops its way over the journalistic gunwales -claims
of UFO abductions, the conspiracy theorists, Nazi cabals, deranged threatening environmentalists and people who believe monkeys are
taking over the world.

And those are just some of the serious news stories in newspapers. There are some newspaper writers, too, who are really weird. Take Ruth and
Silvestrini. Please, take them.

For all the bizarre black helicopter sightings and strange arguments that Shecky Green and the Jewish lobby control the government and Y2K means the end
of the world, the most twistedly evasive work comes from Ruth and Silvestrini.

The Felliniesque Fidel Castros never addressed any of the original issues. For example, why is the federal government growing so large,
taking over criminal law nationwide, and becoming involved in what were historically state-level cases? Lame Silvestrini - a "newspaper"
writer - weighed in with one long sputtering bluster against reality. Ruth did his mental blank-out. The Karl Marx duo of the Twilight Zone
responded with a bunch of journalistic babble.

Silvestrini and Ruth are two of the most visible local disciples of the Tampa Tribune, which ought to have their embarrassed fellow
travelers donning Groucho Marx disguises around the office and about town.

Recently when Silvestrini wrote again about "high-profile drugs, sex and torture," Silvestrini mentioned Dr. Curry, and his appellate work
as an attorney for a defendant in whom Silvestrini has taken an ongoing interest. Silvestrini wrote about two critics of Curry's work and
then she quoted Curry's response, "You can write that I have challenged them to a public debate of their claims and that the next step is
to select a time and place for doing so, if they think they are up to it."

Silvestrini's quote was a public debate challenge by Dr. Curry to Charles Rose, a professor at Stetson Law School, and the dare was
printed in the Tampa Tribune Newspaper on September 6, 2008. A law school would be an ideal place for an educational debate and it
would be easy for Charles Rose to arrange it. As expected, Charles Rose apparently did not think he was up to it as Charles Rose has
not selected a time or place in response to Dr. Curry's public debate challenge.

Even after Elaine Silvestrini printed the debate challenge to Charles Rose in the newspaper, there was no response from Rose that
Silvestrini printed in the article. It remains another media debate challenge victory for Dr. Curry over Charles Rose.

The media debate challenge that was issued by Dr. Rex Curry as quoted by Silvestrini, is also available to Silvestrini and Ruth......if either
thinks that he/she is up to it. Apparently, they don't think they are up to it as neither has not selected a time or place in response to the
public debate challenge. They are only fooling themselves.

It is another media debate challenge victory for Dr. Curry over Daniel Ruth, Elaine Silvestrini and the Tampa Tribune newspaper.


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