Thursday, October 27, 2005

Attention Idiots! Common Sense Has Arrived

This is a letter that my buddy Jim C. sent to the Trib on 10/27/05. Jim has nailed it!!

In his Tribune column of 10/25/05 Daniel Ruth rails against the stupid rednecks picking up live utility wires in the wake of a hurricane.

But wait. Isn't this the same Daniel Ruth who chain-smoked and porked his way into triple by-pass surgery? Hmmmm?

To use Ruth's own words, "Why do people behave in such obviously self-destructive ways?"

Hey! You, Ruth! Yeah you! Take that cigarette and cheeseburger out of your mouth.

It's just more evidence of the hypocrisy of this Buckeye Buffoon. - Jim C.


At 10/27/2005 10:16 AM, Blogger Tonto-G said...

This is a reply that Jim C. reveived from TBR.----

Oh you flatterer, you -

At 10/28/2005 2:41 PM, Anonymous Boogie said...

Jim C. is exactly right. Ruth is an odious buffoon. He is quick to demonize other people for their shortcomings. What person in America doesn't know that chain smoking is detrimental to one's health. Yet, this porker smoked and whopper gobbled himself into bypass surgery. You can bet he didn't pay for the operation out of his pocket. How about the burden he caused on the healthcare system!! But, you see, the "anointed" always find a reason to make excuses for themselves while blasting others for doing similar things. Ruth truly is a buffoon and a cowardly one at that!

At 10/28/2005 3:48 PM, Anonymous Rome Man said...

LOL – TBR is well known down on Rome Ave. for his piggish behavior. When Boogie refers to him as being cowardly I am reminded of a Saturday morning back in August on TBR’s radio show on WFLA. A caller who identified himself as Steve was assailed by TBR with some of his smartass remarks. Steve invited TBR to put on the gloves with him down at his gym. TBR started spluttering about how he had a bad rotator cuff and had just recently had by-pass surgery. It was hilarious. It was like if ole TBR didn’t have all those medical problems he’d be right down there to kick Steve’s ass. Man, there ain’t no ass on earth that TBR would try to whup—except maybe his old lady!

At 10/31/2005 9:18 AM, Anonymous Judith said...

You guys need to lighten up. Daniel Ruth is just doing satire. Don't you know the difference? BTW by-pass surgery can happen to anyone. You should be a little more compassionate.

At 10/31/2005 10:17 AM, Blogger Tonto-G said...

Judy, Judy, Judy. When you say be more compasionate do you mean like TBR is when he calls people who pick up live electrical wire idiots? How is that unlike stating the fact the TBR chain-smoked and porked himself into by-pass surgery? Didn't he foist an unnecessary burden on the healthcare system? The money spent on his surgery would have bought a lot of free asprin for the wonderful healthcare system in Cuba!

At 10/31/2005 10:38 AM, Anonymous Rome Man said...

Judy may need to get to an emergency rool as soon as possible seeing as how her heart is bleeding for TBR. Isn't it a hoot that when a fat guy with a word processor prints his hate in a newspaper it is called "satire". But when someone else calls his hand they are told to lighten up. The guy is a hate monger with an axe to grind. Some people who know him personally will tell you that.


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